Get Your Website In Google News

Google News can get your web publication a lot of traffic with some simple data structuring. If you are running one of our Newsrack installs you have everything that you need already.

If your news organization runs on WordPress, there are some plugins that you can install to meet Google’s requirements for including your site’s news feed in Google News. We recommend SEOPress for all WordPress sites.

Google News Requirements

Google News Content Policies

  • Limited Number of Ads
  • Accountable & Transparent
  • Don’t steal copyrighted material, break laws, incite violence. Graphic violence or sexually suggestive material is not allowed. No hate speech or sponsored content.

Google News Technical Guidelines

  • Must be in an article format
  • Article URLs must be unique and permanent. WordPress Does this automatically out of the box without any setup.Article must be in HTML, no JavaScript at this time
  • Robots.txt must allow for google-bot to crawl and access the site